The objective of this Partial Plan was to promote the establishment of clean industry, just northwest of the urban core of Gelida. The region is physically limited by a wooded area, a high-speed railway line and an intercity road. The proposal incorporates criteria from the Landscape Chart of the Penedes.


As the isolated logistic buildings are located to the north, in an former extractive area, they are shielded by the geographical landscape of the terrain. To the south are the buildings dedicated to offices and equipment, also isolated but with a less aggressive appearance.

Location: Gelida, Alt Penedès, Spain

Client: Private owner

Area: 13,40 Ha 

Status: Completed and approved

Lead Architect: Monica Farran Astica


Victor Alegrí, architect

AT-90 SL, facilities engineering

Sergio Julián, flood zone report

BDO, legal assistance


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