The K-12 school building Colegio de las Religiosas Pureza de María was built in 1971. It is a detached, staggered five story building within a 52,600 m2 (about 13 acres) site. In 2007, in order to address regulatory and social changes, an Institutional Master Plan was prepared to address the reconfiguration and upgrade of the building, to meet current regulations related to accessibility, security and fire safety.


The main tasks carried out as part of the implementation of the Master Plan have included:

• Remodeling and expansion of younger children's classrooms (K-4).

• Implementation of new elevators to enhance the building’s vertical accessibility. 

• Renovation of all building facades

• Rehabilitation of both paved and green rooftops.

• Replacement of all exterior water downpipes.

• Replacement of all exterior insulation elements to meet current standards.

• Installation of radiant heat flooring and fire-resistant paint in the school chapel.

• Upgrade and expansion of all fire detection and alert measures

Location: Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, Spain

Client: Religiosas de Pureza de Maria

Built Area: 17.047 m²

Status: Completed

Lead Architect: Monica Farran Astica

Design Team: 

Marina Fernández, architect

Marti Cabestany, structure

OTEK, facilities engineering

José Luís Sánchez, arquitecto técnico

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