The Suria City Council called a competition It is plannedto install a Cultural Ccenter and aas well as a Library in the former Fonda de Cal Pau, historic reference of the towna staple of the town across generations. 


The building is located in a residential contextarea, where the small staircase of in the facade defines the its surroundings. The proposal establishes a route for pedestrians, which communicates connects the existing facilities on the axis of the old road and to the residential plot. Moreover, this operation allows to for improved access to the dwellings that are located inside the residential block. Special care has been taken with in regard to the spatial and lighting quality of this route, which  that will end with the formation ofin a residential square.


As for the volume of the new building, it is proposed to divide it in several volumes units to adopt the domestic scale of the surrounding estates, while allowing for the passage of light and ventilation to neighboring buildings.


Finally, it is worth highlighting the use of a characteristic distinguishing and versatile element of our architecture -, such  Tile Arch System (as vaultcatalan vault). The development of the roof with thevault and vault Tile Arches System allows to generates an enriching and luminous inner atmosphere.

Location: Suria, Barcelona, Spain

Client: Suria Town Hall / Diputació de Barcelona

Built Area: 1.679 m²

Status: Open competition (2nd place)

Lead Architect: Monica Farran Astica / JE Hernández-Cros / Mendoza Partida


Marc Sánchez, architect

Alejandro Alvárez, architect

Olga Bombac, architect

​Oscar Espinosa Servin, architect

Javier de Juan, architect Jr.

BEST Costales Jaen SLP, structure

JG Ingenieros SA, facilities engineering

Q-ESTUDI, technical support